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Request sent to Federal Politicians to block Gene Editing amendment

GMOs made with gene editing techniques need strict regulation to protect the health and well-being of farmers, consumers, environment and trade. Deregulation could result in crises in each of these areas. Also, these gene editing techniques need to be assessed … Continue reading

Why GMOs are NOT the Answer to World Hunger

Perhaps the most convincing argument for the use of GMOs in agriculture is the claim that they can produce greater yields, ostensibly relieving hunger in areas that struggle from a lack of food. This is a noble goal and one … Continue reading

Holder Community Garden Talk and Walk

Why is soil organic carbon in our garden so important? Higher organic carbon content in soils means higher natural soil fertility, which allows substantial reduction in the need for synthetic fertilizers, or using none as in our organic garden. More … Continue reading

Healthy Soils for Healthy Quality Food: Producing the real ‘Clean & Green’

Dr Maarten Stapper’s closing address of the 1st Biological Farming Conference dispelling the ‘Clean and Green’ myth of current production systems, and demonstrating the cleaner and greener biological farming systems on healthy soils. Click here to watch this 2015 presentation … Continue reading

Arena No.156: Agricultural Addictions

Dr Maarten Stapper writes about the herbicide to GM merry-go-round undermining our food supply. The herbicide glyphosate has recently been in the news since a worker in San Francisco was awarded a verdict against Monsanto for causing his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Healthy soil, Healthy food, Healthy people

Four presentations “Gezonde bodem, Gezond eten, Gezonde mensen” were given in four corners of The Netherlands on 2, 4, 5 and 9 July 2018. They were presented in Dutch with English text in the powerpoint. The last lecture was in … Continue reading

Killing Our Soils: Industrial food production the culprit

An internationally recognised expert on food and farming has warned that industrially produced fruit and vegetables are robbing our plants of their own protection system and significantly reducing their mineral and antioxidant properties. In the latest interview in the Soils … Continue reading

Biological Agriculture: a third way?

Dr Maarten Stapper presented this talk for the 10th International Permaculture Convergence in September 2011 at Wadi Rum, Jordan. It gives an overview of emerging regenerative farming practices, away from high-input industrial farming. Biological Farming is a regenerative, agroecological practice … Continue reading

Mass Produced Food Causing Allergies and Illness

A warning that modern methods of producing marketable fruit and vegetables are leading to increases in allergies and illness, especially in young people. In the latest interview in the Soils For Life video series, Dr Maarten Stapper says foods grown … Continue reading

Organic gardens of Margaret & Maarten Stapper (VIDEO)

A labour of love by Margaret and Maarten! Enjoy looking at the plants, produce and preserves of their organic fruit and vegetable gardens. High quality and exquisite in taste when eaten fresh, dried or preserved in pots or freezer. There … Continue reading