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Arena No.156: Agricultural Addictions

Dr Maarten Stapper writes about the herbicide to GM merry-go-round undermining our food supply. The herbicide glyphosate has recently been in the news since a worker in San Francisco was awarded a verdict against Monsanto for causing his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Feature Interviews by Future Directions International with Dr Maarten Stapper: The Link Between Healthy Food and Biological Farming

The Northern Australia and Land Care Research Programme of Future Directions International (FDI) is pleased to release a two-part Feature Interview:

Recommended reading: ‘Call of the Reed Warbler’

A New Agriculture – A New Earth Book by Charles Massy Originally published 2017 by University of Queensland Press Author and radical farmer Charles Massy’s book Call of the Reed Warbler explores transformative and regenerative agriculture and the vital connection … Continue reading

Outback Story: Restoring the Balance

“The shift to agro-ecological farming is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the people of our planet,” says former CSIRO scientist and now regenerative consultant Dr Maarten Stapper. “Using regenerative agriculture we can feed nine billion people with half the fertilisers … Continue reading

Arena: From Green Revolution to Agroecology

This article by Maarten was published in Arena No.122: 33-36. Summary points The critical renewable resources of soil and water are being used up, with costs being borne by farmers. The soils of one-quarter of the world’s arable land are … Continue reading

Healthy food from vibrant communities in healthy biodiverse landscapes

Paper presented by Maarten at the XIX International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology in Canberra, Australia, February 4-8, 2013. Summary Producer awareness and consumer demand are leading to farming systems using less synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Such systems … Continue reading

Order DVD: Step Into Biological Farming

Special ‘Farming Secrets’ DVD pack for BioLogic AgFood: – Step Into Biological Farming – New Thinking & Management for Healthy Soils with Biology & Carbon + Healthy Food for Healthy People! Box contains 6 DVD’s of the following talks by Dr … Continue reading

Complex Systems Science in food production

In: CSIRO Sustainability Network Update – No.15: p.10-13, June 2002,     ed. Elizabeth Heij The following essay on the future of agricultural research is provided by CSIRO's Dr Maarten Stapper.  Maarten's training in Holland gave him an early understanding of … Continue reading

Crop monitoring and Zadoks growth stages

Introduction Crop monitoring is the skill to link strategic and tactical management decisions to plant development and crop growth. Strategic management relates to decisions before sowing and lessons to be learned within season for future seasons, such as variety choice, … Continue reading

Soil Fertility Management , Towards Sustainable Farming Systems & Landscapes

Quantifying production in dryland and irrigation wheat paddocks in southeastern Australia made him aware that most problems start with the soil, and thus solutions should commence there. Maarten is passionate about discovering and using the power of nature in food … Continue reading