Order DVD: Step Into Biological Farming

Special ‘Farming Secrets’ DVD pack for BioLogic AgFood:

– Step Into Biological Farming –

New Thinking & Management for Healthy Soils with Biology & Carbon + Healthy Food for Healthy People!

Box contains 6 DVD’s of the following talks by Dr Maarten Stapper:

1. ‘Change in Thinking and Management’

Are you looking for answers to problems that just won’t go away? You know there has to be a better way. You know that you have to change but need direction. Maarten explains why you should change and what direction to take. All it takes is the FIRST step! (94 min)

2. ’Easy Steps To Healthy Soils And Profitable Farming’

Soil health is central to productive, profitable and sustainable farming. Are you ready to start looking at current high input driven industrial farming which Maarten shows has lead to soil degradation, sick soils and associated costly problems with plant and animal health? Full of stories about farming practices that Maarten has observed first hand. Discover the principles of healthy soils and how to achieve and maintain them. You have the choice to farm with less problems and more profit and Dr Maarten Stapper shows you the way. (180 min)

3. ‘Healthy Soils – Healthy Food – Healthy People’  New

This talk starts with the conditions of planet Earth, landscapes and people. Maarten then makes connections step-by-step between farm management, soil biology and carbon, plant health, animal health, food, and their direct and indirect effects on health of people. (129 min)

4. ‘Secret Plant Business: GM sneaking into our food chain’

If you want to know the ins and outs of GM crops and the effects that they have on our farming systems, our food, ourselves, our future and our planet, then this talk by Maarten is for you. Why are there no independent studies? ( 95 min)

With a special BONUS:

5. ‘Why Do We Have Problems With Food?’  New

Maarten raises this issue with comments from a panel of seven community leaders. Health aspects in food production, distribution, processing, preparation and eating are discussed. Food will have a high nutrient density when grown on healthy soils. Food processing for ease-of-use reduces nutrient availability. Choose least processed, un-refined foods to avoid added sugar, salt and synthetic additives. Avoid food waste. Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding synthetics when eating, drinking, breathing, and on skin. Change your habits, mindset and lifestyle… for your health! (135 min)

Special price in one box: $110.-

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BioLogic AgFood, POBox 4209, Weston Creek ACT 2611


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