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First Soil Carbon Credits Achieved with Soilkee Renovator

Dr Maarten Stapper writes about the great results achieved and the principles behind soil carbon sequestration using the Soilkee Renovator in pasture cropping. The Soilkee Renovator implement provides a one-pass operation which tills, cultivates and renovates pastures. Subsequent well-timed operations … Continue reading

Killing Our Soils: Industrial food production the culprit

An internationally recognised expert on food and farming has warned that industrially produced fruit and vegetables are robbing our plants of their own protection system and significantly reducing their mineral and antioxidant properties. In the latest interview in the Soils … Continue reading

Mass Produced Food Causing Allergies and Illness

A warning that modern methods of producing marketable fruit and vegetables are leading to increases in allergies and illness, especially in young people. In the latest interview in the Soils For Life video series, Dr Maarten Stapper says foods grown … Continue reading

Feature Interviews by Future Directions International with Dr Maarten Stapper: The Link Between Healthy Food and Biological Farming

The Northern Australia and Land Care Research Programme of Future Directions International (FDI) is pleased to release a two-part Feature Interview:

VIDEO: Succession in regenerating pastures from bare earth to native perennials

Craig Carter tells of observations on his farm when pastures are left to regenerate in succession from bare earth to native perennial grasses. When Mother Nature is allowed to do her work! 

VIDEO: What role do weeds play in improving soil health?

What do you know about wild lettuce? Would you let it grow on your farm? Craig Carter nearly broke our spade trying to dig it up for us to see its root structure. It plays a great role in the … Continue reading

VIDEO: A simple tool to measure soil health

This video describes how to make a simple penetrometer to easily assess soil compaction.

VIDEO: We eat soils so make soils healthy!

Dr Maarten Stapper presented at the Sustainable Cities Round Table on the topic of  “Sustainable Food Systems” in May 2008. He was challenged to present his topic “We Eat Soil, Make Soils Healthy” in three minutes! This video is an … Continue reading

The Simple Answer is SOIL

In the Australian Organic Producer, Summer 2008, Jaime Newborn writes about Dr. Maarten Stapper at a field day at wheat biological trials at Nyngam, West Dubbo NSW.

VIDEO: Improved Healthy Soil – Can you see the difference?

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