First Soil Carbon Credits Achieved with Soilkee Renovator

Dr Maarten Stapper writes about the great results achieved and the principles behind soil carbon sequestration using the Soilkee Renovator in pasture cropping. The Soilkee Renovator implement provides a one-pass operation which tills, cultivates and renovates pastures. Subsequent well-timed operations create healthy soils and provide extra feed for grazing. He explains why annual soil carbon improvements of more than 3 tC/ha exceed science benchmarks 10-fold. Maarten has been associated with the Soilkee Renovator since 2012. He did trials on 9 pasture paddocks across three farms (rainfall 700-1090mm) over 14 months in 2013-14, with an average soil organic carbon increase of 24 percent (3.7% to 4.6%). Here he describes the processes for regenerating soils with the Soilkee Renovator.

Further information:

  1. Trial report Soilkee Renovator project 2013-14
  2. Presentation at National Carbon Farming Conference Albury 2015  
  3. Video of Soilkee Renovator in action
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