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Holder Community Garden Talk and Walk

Why is soil organic carbon in our garden so important? Higher organic carbon content in soils means higher natural soil fertility, which allows substantial reduction in the need for synthetic fertilizers, or using none as in our organic garden. More … Continue reading

Killing Our Soils: Industrial food production the culprit

An internationally recognised expert on food and farming has warned that industrially produced fruit and vegetables are robbing our plants of their own protection system and significantly reducing their mineral and antioxidant properties. In the latest interview in the Soils … Continue reading

Mass Produced Food Causing Allergies and Illness

A warning that modern methods of producing marketable fruit and vegetables are leading to increases in allergies and illness, especially in young people. In the latest interview in the Soils For Life video series, Dr Maarten Stapper says foods grown … Continue reading

Organic gardens of Margaret & Maarten Stapper (VIDEO)

A labour of love by Margaret and Maarten! Enjoy looking at the plants, produce and preserves of their organic fruit and vegetable gardens. High quality and exquisite in taste when eaten fresh, dried or preserved in pots or freezer. There … Continue reading

Feature Interviews by Future Directions International with Dr Maarten Stapper: The Link Between Healthy Food and Biological Farming

The Northern Australia and Land Care Research Programme of Future Directions International (FDI) is pleased to release a two-part Feature Interview:

What affects Gut Health, Food Quality and Soil Health? How are they connected?

A dietician’s and agricultural scientist’s insights and suggestions. Summary from Baw Baw Food Movement workshop ‘Healthy soils, Nutritional food, Healthy people‘, 21 September 2017. By Marieke Rodenstein, Dietitian and Nutritionist ( and Dr Maarten Stapper, Farming Systems Agronomist The mention … Continue reading

Building Healthy Communities

Dr Maarten Stapper discussed food production & processing, with support of Marieke Rodenstein, nutritionist & dietitian, ‘How our gut flora influences our health’. World-wide industrial farming practices are degrading soils and bringing about dependency on the use of more synthetic … Continue reading

Matching Supply with the Demand for Healthy Foods

by Dr Maarten Stapper Conference AGRIFOOD XXIII: ‘Food and the Asian Century: Opportunities and Challenges in the ‘Neighbourhood’ Industrial farming compromises both environment and food quality. Industrial farming is degrading soils to low fertility, instigating increasing dependency on synthetic fertilisers … Continue reading

The Real ‘Clean & Green’ Farming and Demand for Healthy Foods

Dr Maarten Stapper FAIA, BioLogic AgFood PO Box 4209, Weston Creek ACT 2611 World-wide soils are degrading to lower fertility under high-input farming, thus requiring more and more synthetic fertilizers and chemicals which do exacerbate the problem. The outcomes on … Continue reading

Higher Nutrient Density with Agroecological Farming

Maarten was invited to give a paper about the health outcomes of organic-biological farm practices at the 3rd International Conference on The Science of Nutrition in Medicine and Healthcare in Sydney, Australia, May 3-5, 2013. The conference brochure states that … Continue reading