Healthy soil, Healthy food, Healthy people

Four presentations “Gezonde bodem, Gezond eten, Gezonde mensen” were given in four corners of The Netherlands on 2, 4, 5 and 9 July 2018. They were presented in Dutch with English text in the powerpoint. The last lecture was in Kollumerzwaag (Frisia), the home town of Theo Mulder the organiser of the tour. It can be watched in two video’s on his Mulder Agro website.

Jorg Tonjes attended and wrote in Dutch an article for the national dairy industry entitled ‘Soil organic matter can built up quicker than scientists do expect’: ‘Organische stof bouwt sneller op dan wetenschappers verwachten’.

Simon Talsma had an interview with Maarten about the background of his story and published ‘Healthy soils give rise to healthy people’ in the Frisian Newspaper of Saturday 7 juli: ‘Gezonde bodem zorgt voor gezonde mens’ (Friesch Dagblad zaterdag 7 juli).

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