Weekly Times April 2007: Burdon vs Stapper

The Sunday Age, 27 May 2007 

… “I could have continued working for the CSIRO but I would have to give up all my beliefs about good agriculture and keep my mouth shut about GM,” he said. “I didn’t want that because I have a connection with the farming community and they trust me.”
… Dr Stapper said experience as a farming systems agronomist had taught him that most problems started with the soil, and that was where the solutions were. “GM solutions won’t solve our problems,” he said.
… Dr Stapper said he was sceptical about claims that GM plants improved crop yields and called for more studies on the safety of GM stockfeeds.
… “We can learn to use the power of nature rather than fighting it with synthetic chemicals and unproven new technologies in a war we can’t win,” Dr Stapper said.

Sunday Age 27 May07

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