CSIRO decision in Country papers and magazines

The CSIRO’s dumping of one of Australia’s top biological-organic farming systems scientists has sparked strong reactions in the Country papers and magazines.

23 March 2007 – Bendigo Advertiser, Letters: Research the poorer for Stapper sacking

Australian taxpayers’ science research is poorer for the axing of Dr Maarten Stapper. Dr Stapper brought science to the people of rural Australia for the benefit of all… He brought integrity and ethics to a field which can so easily be bought by the big dollars… Over the years, Dr Stapper met with hundreds, probably thousands, of farmers across Australia and encouraged US to enhance OUR farm production from the roots up, not just for our own benefits but for all of humanity and the planet.   Helen Chambers, Matong Vic     [ more… ]

2 April 2007 – Southern Weekly: CSIRO scraps Stapper
by Trevor Dawson
Respected wheat agronomist and proactive organic farming expert, Dr Maarten Stapper, has been sacked by the CSIRO for supporting biological farming and speaking out against GM crops, ending his 24 year career with the organisation.… he was told by CSIRO management he was not allowed to speak about GM crops because he was not an expert in the field.… The lack of support from CSIRO has meant Dr Stapper has had to take recreation leave to honour his public speaking commitments… The audience sent a petition to CSIRO requesting continued support of Maarten’s research into biological farming systems and soil health…… This area of research is critical not only to the organic sector, but also to the thousands of farmers around Australia right now developing better soil biology…… The rest of the world is getting behind research into organic farming…  [ more… ]

4 April 2007 – The Weekly Times: Claims made of GM bias
by Kate Dowler
Organic groups have hit out at CSIRO for refusing to continue funding the work of a vocal opponent of genetically modified food. And the scientist at the centre of the controversy, Dr Maarten Stapper, this week took a parting shot at the organisation, claiming it had “gagged” him airing his views on GM.… “This travesty of justice shows again that priorities for taxpayer-funded research are grossly distorted[more…]

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