Secret Plant Business

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Secret Plant Business:
GM Sneaking into Our Food Chain

Dr Maarten Stapper

Tuesday September 18
Time:   7.00  –  9.00pm

Venue:  TPI Building, cnr Hutt St & South Tce Cost:   $5, SASA-members $2, students free

Dr Stapper, a passionate speaker with an ability to convey complex concepts in simple terms, will reveal some truths behind the introduction of GM foods.

Bring your questions to the meeting in Adelaide:

  • What are the secrets of plants? Does one gene make a difference?
  • What is the status of all those GM promises made?
  • Can we fix soil problems such as salinity and acidity with GM?
  • Why is GM UN healthy for us, our environment, our economy?
  • How (not) to design an experiment to prove GM food safety?
  • Who directs our research and regulators?
  • What is being reported: what knowledge, whose truth?
  • WHO PROFITS? Farmers? Consumers? Companies?
  • How can we get more out of our (plant, animal & human) current genes?

This is a matter of urgency for all consumers. In September, the SA government will recommend whether to accept GM or to continue the Moratorium. This decision will have a determining impact on the final decision of all states (Vic, NSW, SA) reviewing the case for GM by April 2008.

Dr Maarten Stapper has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Iraq and Syria and since 1981 in Australia. He is a farming systems agronomist and his research made him aware that most problems in production systems start with the soil, so solutions need to start there.

Maarten became passionate about discovering and using the power of nature in food production systems. Biological farming is a more sustainable system which keeps ownership, choices and profits with the Australian farmer, and ongoing benefits to all consumers: healthy food, healthy environment. Maarten was recently axed by CSIRO because of his different research direction, which was widely reported in the Australian media, starting on the front page of the Canberra Times on 20 March 2007: “CSIRO axes outspoken expert”.

Presented by the Organic Consumers & Growers –

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