Explaining the science behind an anti-GM stance


ABC Radio – Bush Telegraph: Wednesday, 03/11/2010

People oppose GM foods for a variety of reasons.

According to a recent Greenpeace report, “If Genetic Engineered wheat prevails, it will have a widespread impact on the Australian consumers, farmers, the economy and the enviornment. We need to act now, before GE wheat is on Australian supermarket shelves in everyday foods like bread, pasta and breakfast cereals”.

But what about the science behind their arguments? How concerned do we need to be?

Dr Stapper is a farming systems agronomist with over 30 years experience. He is an advocate of biological-organic farming systems. He sees GM as working against nature. He is committed to helping farmers improve their profitability, by focusing on healthy, natural soil.

In this report: Dr Maarten Stapper, BioLogic Agfood, farming systems agronomist.

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