Maarten Stapper gives talks and workshops about Biological Farming related topics to practitioners for a fee and to community groups and schools for costs of travel. They can vary from one hour to two hours or covering a day with or without paddock walks looking at soil health indicators.

On-farm trials, farmer practice observations and literature help Maarten improving local understanding of biological agriculture and the management of soil health to strengthen plants and reducing inputs of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals while maintaining yield.

Talks he has given:

  • Soil fertility management – towards sustainable Farming Systems and landscapes
  • Farming Systems in Transition – towards better soils in cropping and pasture
  • Farming Systems in Transition – examples from practice
  • Farming Systems in Transition – change in thinking and management
  • Moving from Industrial to Biological Farming Systems
  • Contribution of Agricultural Science to productivity gain in the cropping industries – reflecting back and looking forward
  • Wheat plant growth stages as a diagnostic tool for management
  • Managing irrigated wheat canopies for high yields and quality
  • High-yielding wheat for grain – learning from irrigation
  • Managing irrigated wheat with uncertain water availability
  • Assessing the productivity of wheat genotypes in a Mediterranean climate, using a crop-simulation model
  • Sense and nonsense of modelling for sustainable agriculture
  • How we use the Earth’s resources
  • Feeding a green earth
  • Organics, GM & Science
  • Secret Plant Business: GM sneaking into our food chain
  • Nourishing Children – Weston A. Price Foundation
  • Where does our food come from? Bread? Milk? Healthy food?

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