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Healthy Soils = Healthy Food = Healthy People

Healthy Soils = Healthy Food = Healthy People by Maarten was published in Clean Food Organics, Issue 13: p66-69.

VIDEO: Feed the World

Maarten addresses the issue of having to feed 9 billion people on planet Earth by 2050. Can we do this? Currently we have 1 billion people eating too much refined and processed food that money can buy and 1 billion … Continue reading

VIDEO: We eat soil, make soils healthy!

Dr Maarten Stapper was challenged to tell in three minutes why healthy soils are important for mankind! Similar short presentations were given by twenty people at the Sustainable Cities Round Table on Sustainable Food Systems in Melbourne on 25 May … Continue reading

How Secure is Our Food Source?

This article published in Insight Magazine  (Nov, 2008) by Amanda Guggenheimer examines the use of Genetic Modification in Australian crops. Read the Full Article

Organic Dietitian Featured on Australian Story

Click here to visit Marieke’s website for more information on Organic Healthy Food & Lifestyle.

Canberra Times: Stapper in Food & Wine about wheat

In this article ,”A scientist who knows his wheat” , published 31 August 2004 (in The Canberra Times) Dr Maarten Stapper says paddocks are like the human body – they’re both complex biological systems where simple solutions often don’t work –

Healthy Food from Healthy Soils, GMO not a Solution

Consumers are becoming aware of the good taste and health benefits of organic food and demand is increasing. Organic farmers and gardeners recognise negative factors in our industrialising food production systems. They actively undertake soil fertility management by improving soil … Continue reading