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Quantum physics says no to GM

If we have learned anything from the Green Revolution, it is that the next successful modernization in agriculture will be through eco-technology, where farming works with, not against, nature.  Nature confronts us with complex systems, with intricate food webs, and … Continue reading

Complex Systems Science in food production

Published in: CSIRO Sustainability Network Update No.15: 10-13, June 2002, ed. E. Heij The following essay on the future of agricultural research is provided by CSIRO’s Dr Maarten Stapper.  Maarten’s training in Holland gave him an early understanding of the need … Continue reading

Agricultural science directions

Specialists know more and more about less and less. Current specialisation in agricultural science has resulted in research within very narrow boundaries. This has induced linear, mechanistic thinking, which doesn’t allow room for synergies, and results in confusion between cause … Continue reading

Secret Plant Business

Secret Plant Business: GM Sneaking into Our Food Chain Dr Maarten Stapper Tuesday September 18 Time:   7.00  –  9.00pm Venue:  TPI Building, cnr Hutt St & South Tce Cost:   $5, SASA-members $2, students free

About Dr Maarten Stapper

Dr. Maarten Stapper is a farming systems agronomist who’s main focus is helping farmers improve the profitability of their operations by harnessing the power of natural healthy soil processes. Maarten believies that by improving the use of inputs and understanding … Continue reading