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National Biological Farming Conference

“Reducing Soil Inputs and Increasing Profit” Dr Maarten Stapper gives a presentation about typical results in Biological Farming decreasing use of synthetic fertilizers by 50% and chemicals by 80% for similar yields with improved quality. Click here for this presentation in … Continue reading

National Biological Farming Conference

“Healthy Soils for Healthy Quality Food: Producing the real ‘Clean & Green’” Dr Maarten Stapper’s closing address of the National Biological Farming Conference dispelling the ‘Clean and Green’ myth of current production systems, and demonstrating the cleaner and greener biological … Continue reading

Matching Supply with the Demand for Healthy Foods

by Dr Maarten Stapper Conference AGRIFOOD XXIII: ‘Food and the Asian Century: Opportunities and Challenges in the ‘Neighbourhood’ Industrial farming compromises both environment and food quality. Industrial farming is degrading soils to low fertility, instigating increasing dependency on synthetic fertilisers … Continue reading

The Real ‘Clean & Green’ Farming and Demand for Healthy Foods

Dr Maarten Stapper FAIA, BioLogic AgFood PO Box 4209, Weston Creek ACT 2611 World-wide soils are degrading to lower fertility under high-input farming, thus requiring more and more synthetic fertilizers and chemicals which do exacerbate the problem. The outcomes on … Continue reading

The Canberra Times: Scientist Maarten Stapper takes us inside his Canberra garden

We last met agricultural scientist Dr Maarten Stapper when he was working with grains at the CSIRO (Kitchen Garden, August 31, 2004). Since then, he has featured on the ABC’s Australian Story (2009), about his road into biological farming systems … Continue reading

Outback Story: Restoring the Balance

“The shift to agro-ecological farming is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the people of our planet,” says former CSIRO scientist and now regenerative consultant Dr Maarten Stapper. “Using regenerative agriculture we can feed nine billion people with half the fertilisers … Continue reading

Arena: From Green Revolution to Agroecology

This article by Maarten was published in Arena No.122: 33-36. Summary points The critical renewable resources of soil and water are being used up, with costs being borne by farmers. The soils of one-quarter of the world’s arable land are … Continue reading

VIDEO: Modern farming has lost its Biosensitivity

Dr Maarten Stapper says that in modern farming farmers have lost touch with the soil and are not in tune with how it responds. Click here to view video

Ecological agriculture

So is it possible to feed ourselves, and the world, without creating a toxic farm environment with dead soil? Yes, it certainly is! The principles of natural farming have been well established. Dr Maarten Stapper, a Dutch scientist who, until … Continue reading

Keynote Presentation: Environmental Challenges in Food Production

Click on the following link to view Maarten’s keynote presentation at a Community Engagement Action Research virtual meeting held on 24th October.