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Order DVD: Step Into Biological Farming

Special ‘Farming Secrets’ DVD pack for BioLogic AgFood: – Step Into Biological Farming – New Thinking & Management for Healthy Soils with Biology & Carbon + Healthy Food for Healthy People! Box contains 6 DVD’s of the following talks by Dr … Continue reading

Keynote Presentation: Environmental Challenges in Food Production

Click on the following link to view Maarten’s keynote presentation at a Community Engagement Action Research virtual meeting held on 24th October.

GM not the answer: look at the facts

Published in Countryman, 7 April 2011 Genetically modified (GM) wheat is not the solution for more productivity and profitability. I am an agricultural scientist with more than 30 years of international experience and have worked for CSIRO in south-eastern Australia … Continue reading

Australian Organic Producer: The doctor has a passion for biological agriculture

Australian Organic Producer, A Biological Farmers of Australia magazine Winter 2009, p 7. ‘DR MAARTEN STAPPER, DIRECTOR OF BIOLOGIC AGFOOD, has been an expert in science and agriculture for more than 40 years.’

Bio-farmers’ views

Published in : Rural News July 7, 2009, p 36. Farmers Peter and Pam Cook, NSW, reckon they’re saving “in the vicinity of $20,000 a year in chemical and looking after the property”.

‘Biological’ farm guru pulls crowds

Published in : Rural News July 7, 2009, p 35-36. By Neil Keating Animals in “extraordinary” health raised on “healthy soils that look and smell good”, growing plants with “less disease and insect damage, with great root systems and taste”.All thanks … Continue reading

Fertiliser industry listens to agronomist’s concerns

Published in : Country Leader, Monday, October 12, 2009, p 3. ‘In an unlikely marriage, the local fertiliser industry is sponsoring conservation agronomist Maarten Stapper to convince the region’s farmers to reduce their use of chemical fertiliser.’

Media Release: Farmers Lifted by New Hope for Farming for the Future

Media Release, October 2009 Tamworth’s Terry Balla may have joined 85 others from Kempsey, Armidale and the surrounding area to pick up some soil management tips from leading agronomist Dr Maarten Stapper but he left with something even he never … Continue reading

Farmers urged to make most of soil microbes

Published in : Farm Weekly, August 20, 2009, p 20 By Peter Lee About 40 of the faithful and the hopeful, with probably the odd sceptic, gathered at Wongan Hills recently to hear an alternative to traditional agricultural thinking and … Continue reading

Spearheading alternative agriculture

Published in : ABC Rural –  Tuesday, 22/09/2009 By Sarina Locke The former Governor General Michael Jeffrey is so worried about the state of agricultural land degradation in Australia that he’s spearheading an organisation to push for a different farming … Continue reading