What’s with Wheat – documentary – plus interview Dr Maarten Stapper

Tens of thousands of people are suffering with ill health and don’t realise it’s a result of the food choices they are making. They often assume it is part of their genetic make-up or the fact of just getting older.

The story of wheat is the story of food, people need to become educated, knowledgeable and aware. They need to start making changes to improve the health of their children and future generations.

This documentary has contributions from 15 world experts in food related issues. A must watch for anyone who is concerned about the foods they consume or may have any kind of health concerns.

The documentary is followed by a Farming Secrets interview with Dr Maarten Stapper about the problems with modern-day wheat. The interview was made at Proserpina Bakery and Café in Sassafras where they use organic grain to serve quality breads and pastry.

The screening followed by an open discussion with panel members Marieke Rodenstein (The Nutrition Practice), Helen Disler (Farming Secrets), Joost Bakker (‘zero waste’ advocate) and Maarten Stapper.

time : 18:15 - 21:15

date : Sunday 22nd April, 2018

location : Cameo Cinemas, Belgrave VIC

contact : Mountain Pilates