Healthy food from vibrant communities in healthy landscapes

Dr Maarten Stapper will outline some of the global and national organic-biodynamic agricultural issues and trends in production, processing and consumption.

Based on the deteriorating health of people, landscapes and planet, Maarten makes a case for the need to break out of the current paths dominating our food system and supported by science, technology and economics. Current consumer demand for healthy, ethical & ecological, chemical-free and local foods, is driving changes in food provisioning. Food sovereignty can be achieved with a transformation in food production from industrial to local agroecological, which minimises the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Such production systems produce healthy food from regenerated healthy soils. Successful transition requires governments at all levels to create regionally enabling environments for production, processing and trading of local food by communities and small businesses.

Education of consumers and producers in preventative health of self, plants, animals and Earth is critical. We need to (re)develop and use the capacity to be biosensitive, to trust nature and be in tune with, sensitive to, and respectful of the processes of life.

He will also give us some take-home tips on how to examine our soils and review products we can use in our gardens. In the process of ‘learning by doing’, we learn to see and experience the living soil-plant-animal interactions in our gardens.

time : 14:00 - 15:30

date : Sunday 23rd July, 2017

location : Majura Community Centre, Dickson ACT

contact : Canberra Organic Growers Society