Demonstration and On-Farm Trial Results with Soilkee Renovator

You are invited to see and hear about the Soilkee Renovator. The demonstration will be the working with Soilkee of a Dorrigo High School Ag paddock. The Soilkee Renovator is a novel tilling machine that improves pasture health and productivity with particular relevance for dairy and beef farms. Seeds of multiple species can be sown during the operation to bridge feed gaps. The development by Niels Olsen was supported with a Commonwealth Government Commercialisation Australia grant.

Dr Maarten Stapper did trials with the Soilkee Renovator in nine paddocks on three farms in Gippsland. He will give a presentation with Q&A of the significant results for the on-farm trials. He will explain the scientific background of how successive passes with the Soilkee Renovator do result in such striking soil improvement. For example, the improvement of soil organic carbon by 0.9% in one year as an average over nine trial paddocks. Click here for a summary of results.

time : 10:30

date : Thursday 23rd February, 2017

location : CWA Hall and High School Ag plot, Dorrigo NSW

contact : Ranald Braund

phone : (02) 67759260